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In the past few years, even prior to the pandemic, digital transformation was viewed as a key strategy for organizations of all sizes including SME Businesses, to reimagine their Business models. The compulsions of the pandemic and its lockdowns emphasized the role of Technology as never before. Without exception, all organizations needed a viable digital transformation strategy. Many organizations in their efforts to enable remote work, scrambled to get their digital transformation initiatives going. In the recent years and especially in the past two years, this shift has accelerated and looks set to continue.

The UAE has a vibrant SME segment and contributes a lot to the country’s economic growth. The SME Tech Innovation Summit & Awards is conceived as an annual forum for the SME segment, facilitating dialogues and a better understanding of as many Technology transformation related aspects that can fuel growth for companies.

The forum is a one-day event with a summit and awards included. The summit sessions include keynotes by celebrity speakers as well as industry experts. There will be fireside chats and panel discussions as well to complete an engaging sequence of sessions on the day.

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